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Loose Absorbents




20lbs, 5lbs, & 2lbs bags

Perfect for a wide range of spills in municipality operations. Manufacturing, oil and gas, spill response, industrial, fabrication, processing, rendering, hospitals, schools and more can easily utilize Spill Tackle bags on a daily basis.

       USDA bio preferred (sustainable)


       Absorbs petroleum fluids off top of water

       4 - 6 times more absorbent than clay

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 12.57.48 PM.png


5 Gallons. 15lbs. of usable Spill Tackle absorbent

Perfect for warehousing, distribution centers, industrial & manufacturing operations. Ideal for truck fleets including tow trucks, fire trucks, service trucks, even boom trucks.

       Lightweight and easily maneuvered


       Convenient application of Spill Tackle

       15lbs. of Spill Tackle in a single easy to handle bucket

Spill Kits

Spill kits

Emergency and Refill Spill Kits

Quick deployment of Spill Tackle products. Perfect for truck fleets, environmental companies, boom trucks, garbage trucks, etc. Absorbs a wide range of fluids and can prevent further contamination.

       Perfect for rapid spill responses 


       High visibility container options

       Options available for your perfect spill kit

Socks & Booms

Socks, Floating Booms & Pads

4' & 10' Socks

Spill Tackle Socks absorb a wide range of fluids and are 2-3x more absorbent than standard synthetic/ poly socks. Filled with Spill Tackle they conform to the terrain or surface.

       Great for leaking equipment


       Containment in all types of spill response and settings

       Leaking freezers, washing machines, drink machines, etc